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1975 American LaFrance Century

ex-San Diego F.D. from 1975 to 1984, it was sold at auction and went to Florine, Louisiana to be repainted and refurbished. It had its tank added onto to make it a 1000 gal tank . It was sold to Manifest Louisiana VFD and served there till 1997 when they got a new engine and parked it out side behind the station for several years. It was purchased from Manifest by an unknown owner, and then it was sold to a state trouper in Louisiana in Lake Providence. He had it for several years and used it in Parades. I Purchased it on Ebay in November 2010 and have been working on it. The original paint was lime green. Engine : Detroit 671 E Manual 5 speed transmission Pump : ALF 1500gpm

1975 American LaFrance Century 1975 American LaFrance Century